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Bulkhead Seals

Following the USS Cole bombing, the US Navy entrusted Mide Technology to development an innovative and effective solution for the Navy’s failing bulkhead shaft seals on Arleigh Burke Class destroyers (DDG), the result of which was Mide’s Reliant and Omni products. Like many of Mide’s solutions, the bulkhead seal design utilized smart material technology and advanced engineering and production processes. When the Navy had challenges with their stern tube seal they again looked to Mide to find an innovative solution. Mide developed a fully shock qualified state of the art shaft seal for use on the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). Mide has a proven track record of designing, qualifying and producing robust and effective marine products and solutions for the US Navy and commercial marine customers. Mide’s innovative line of non-contacting HydroActive™ bulkhead shaft seals provides an extremely reliable and low total ownership cost sealing solution. Developed for the US Navy, the patented design utilizes hydrogel embedded foam to engage and seal against the spinning shaft only when water is present. By not touching the shaft during normal operation the seal can withstand any shaft speed and substantial shaft motion without any wear – reducing maintenance costs significantly.



Omni seals are designed for vessels that don’t have the large shaft radial deflections typically required for naval ships. With fewer components, the non-floating Omni seals are significantly less expensive and easier to install and maintain.


Reliant RM

The Reliant RM range of bulkhead seals are cartridge or diaphragm replacements for ships that already have bulkhead seal housings. For these ships, Reliant RM seals offer a cost effective retrofit solution, along with all of the advantages and benefits of Midé Marine HydroActive™ technology. Measurements on Reliant RM seals, installed on US Navy ships, concluded that the non-rotating seals offer superior wear performance over existing diaphragms that rotate with the shaft.


Reliant YM

Reliant YM is the next evolution seal design in which total system weight is reduced and maintenance is simplified. Instead of a housing, the Reliant YM series uses flat interface plates bolted to the bulkhead, on which the seal floats, to allow for large radial motions of the shaft. Reliant YM seals are installed and operating on many vessels.