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Garbarino pompen voor koelingsysteem scheepvaart

The Lewek Constellation is EMAS latest addition to their world-class fleet of pipelay and construction vessels.

Roodhart Marine Services was contacted when the vessel finished its first mission.
The vessel experienced problems with the cooling system of the thrusters. Roodhart Marine Services was asked to create a long term solution in order to sustain the required cooling for the various thrusters which are installed throughout the vessel.

A team of engineers at Roodhart Group recalculated the requirement of cooling for the thrusters. This resulted in a selection of pumps from Garbarino in combination with frequency controllers. The pumps were tested in our own test facility at the Roodhart Group under inspection of various certified institutions. Due to the fact that Roodhart Marine Services holds a large stock of Garbarino pumps we were able to supply the pumps with a very short lead time.